Nomad Coffee / Barcelona, Spain

Before even stepping even one foot in Nomad coffee, whilst being still on Dutch ground and having just been introduced to Nomad coffee as a place to visit and work, I knew I had my work cut out for me. This concept is an ‘precise’ one. And I wasn’t mistaken. Visiting their website and seeing some videoas and reading some articles. I knew that these people know everything about coffee. And everything they didn’t know about coffee…was not worth knowing. I eventually arrived at the office of Nomad coffee and got an introduction by the lovely Monica (spokesperson). I discovered (or got confirmed0 that these people KNOW coffee. They roast their own beans and have a weekly cupping course you can sign up for. Meaning they like to share their knowledge. And knowledge they have. From every part of the proces they are aware and active. And you taste that when you sip their incredible single origin coffee. Espresso or filter coffee, you will love it. You wont even be needing sugar. Which they demotivate by the way. And they are right.

After getting to know the Nomads coffee and meeting the roasters, baristas and the hardworking Jordi, who is the owner. I got to work. First at the office located in the up and coming neighbourhood, Poble Nou (the industry part of it) and later in the shop located near Urqauinaona in the city centre. It being a bit quit in these hours I was present at the office. So i got the opportunity to know more about their roasting process (without giving secrets away of course) and boy is this an interesting one. I wanted to be a roaster as well!
My second day working for Nomads in their shop location, was far from quit. People from all over came flooding in, trying out and enjoying the coffee they had hear so much about. Not one disappointed face I saw. I met Mark and Marko, the two guys operating in the shop. And it can indeed be referred to as operating. Every step is a delicate one. And while they operate on their coffee, the spectators just sit in silence and watch. And thats exactly their intention. The setup of the bar/shop is a cozy one. You sit directly in front of the working barista. who finds pleasure in talking and meeting every single visitor they have. I don’t think these guys are capable of being cranky. Every visitor was a friend. You feel like home while sitting there.

You should definitely try out their filer coffee from their own single origin, called Cerro de Jesus. It has a couple of delicate and such nice flavours to it. It is incomparable. Sugar? Why?

Nomad coffee is part of the so called 3rd wave in coffee development in Spain. And I believe they are a significant one. The passion and knowledge they have for and off coffee is definitely one worth seeing and experiencing

Nomad Coffee
Tel +34 628 566 235

Nomad Coffee Lab & Shop
Passatge Sert 12, Barcelona

Nomad Roaster’s Home
Calle Pujades 95, Barcelona


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Nomad Coffee / Barcelona, Spain

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